About Us

Climate change and energy crisis are likely to be the remarkable problem of the twenty-first century. Global environmental scientific findings note that the likely impacts of pollution and global warming will be more serious and will occur sooner than had previously been believed. GSE (Green Smith Ecosystems), a flagship brand of RD Green Smith Ecosystems Pvt. Ltd. understand the needs of growing environmental services and products demands and brings you total environment solutions. GSE prime divisions corporate for waste water treatment & recycle, air and noise pollution control; renewable and cleaner form of energy sources like solar, wind energy, and biomass. Additionally, GSE has also forayed in the field of soil conservation, rain water harvesting.  

GSE offers end-to-end services in the environment services domain by incorporating process technology, design engineering and project management capability. Thus, showcases how pollution mitigation and waste management are value investment. 

We offer a complete portfolio of advanced environmental solutions and services spanning water, liquid & gaseous effluents, and in renewable source like solar and wind energy, for infrastructure, industrial, municipal and household applications. 

Headquartered in the National Capital, with various branch offices located strategically in all major cities targeting industrial districts to provide diversified environmental and related services to diversified industries and business sectors. GSE also caters international clients for various turnkey projects. 

GSE has a business dedicated team of industry experts and management professionals to strategically and economically handle array of environmental and clean energy needs. GSE brings its rich experience gained from esteemed customer engagements, and coupling technology partnerships and Strategic alliances, it provides superior value to help industry perform efficiently and profitably. With a dedicated sales & service network GSE commits towards innovative solutions and reliable support for client's business improvement. 

Amid plethora of environmental/energy solutions provider firms GSE would like to position itself as a customer centric firm. The sole aim is to provide cutting edge solutions to our esteemed clients for their every environmental and energy related requirements. 

At GSE we believe in power of our products and services, which is the spirit for an amicable relationship with our clients. GSE provide innovative solutions to meet environmental needs and optimize system performance. Our bull’s eye is to provide clients with peace of mind that they are complying with all statutory regulations, protecting the environment, the Health & Safety of employees and stakeholder’s communities. 

GSE constantly working for ways to further develop its green credentials and always confirms that our workforces are trained in eco-friendly technologies to serve the market. Team GSE understands its responsibility and always concerned to discuss methods and offer environmental solutions to clients and expect that we can work together to help conserve our environment for future generations.