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It takes only two atom of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen to form one molecule of water. But, this mere combination forms the axis of life on our planet. Water covers 71% of our planet’s surface and of which only 3% is fresh form of water. Pure drinking water is essential for life. In a recent report consultancy firm McKinsy & Co. has said that by 2030, in some developing regions of the world, water demand will exceed supply by 50%.

And, in most of the countries this shortage of demand will be due to mishandling and wastage of water resources. Water contamination due to increasing industrial and municipal waste is also another major issue which seeks national attention. GSE water - retreat division has been formed to provide world-class, cost-effective water treatment, recycle, and purification (both industrial and municipal) solutions to insure to check this issue in the light of present scenario.

Waste Water Treatment & Recycle

Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP)

Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP)

GSE Retreat range of effluent treatment plants expeditiously handle and treat the industrial effluent (Water mixed with waste) by successfully meeting necessitates of chemical and biological processes. Available in different specifications customized on clients demand and requirements after a complete evaluation. GSE Retreat effluent treatment plants are available ranging from a capacity of 1,000 ltr per day and above.

GSE Retreat (Biological) GSE Retreat (Clari-settler) GSE Retreat (Compact ETP)
GSE Retreat  (Biological) GSE Retreat  (Clari-settler) GSE Retreat  (Compact ETP)
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Sewage Treatment Plant (STP)

GSE Retreat - range of sewage treatment plants are capable of biological treatment of municipal, industrial and commercial waste water treatment. By recycling any kind and degree of waste water we confirm various water reuse applications to meet the requirements of sewage treatment.

GSE Retreat (STP Large) GSE Retreat (STP Compact-Small) GSE Retreat (STP Compact-Large)
GSE Retreat  (STP Large) GSE Retreat  (STP Compact-Small) GSE Retreat  (STP Compact-Large)
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GSE Filters

Under cross flow filtration, GSE offers an array of membrane filtration techniques, like micro filtration, ultra filtration, and nano-filtration – depending upon the kind of compounds that needs to be removed and their particle size.

GSE Retreat - Activated Carbon Filter are used for removing free chlorine, phenol, taste and odor as well as reduction COD / BOD. These filters are made from mild steel / FRP closed vessel incorporating frontal piping fitted with multi port valves. The water is passed through the under bed media & granular activated carbon layer. These filters have a back flushing arrangement, which easily flushes away the deposited impurity at carbon granules.

GSE Retreat DMF & ACF
GSE Retreat  DMF & ACF
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Drinking/Process Water Treatment

GSE Industrial RO systems

We offer clients a wide range of commercial and industrial RO systems that are designed and manufactured to meet the complete demands of our customers. Offered under various economic range, they come in different capacities.

GSE Retreat Industrial RO Systems
GSE Retreat  Industrial RO Systems
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Suitable for all types of water like bore well, tap water or stored water

Manual/Semi/Fully automatic operations options

Purified water is adjustable on site to ensure minimum mineral contents



U.V. Treatment Systems

GSE Retreat U.V. Treatment
GSE Retreat  U.V. Treatment
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GSE Retreat has ability to provide new-age, all physical and chemical free ultra violet treatment to inactive various microorganisms for drinking water usage (both industrial and domestic).


GSE water division provides chlorination solutions for to cater various industrial and domestic water purification demands viz. at disinfection stage in sewage treatment, large volume drinking needs, and swimming pools.

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GSE water division applies science of Ozone treatment effectively to disinfect water against bacteria and viruses for pure drinking water.  In addition, the oxidizing properties can also reduce the concentration of iron, manganese, sulfur and reduce or eliminate taste and odor problems.  Ozone oxides the iron, manganese, and sulfur in the water to form insoluble metal oxides or elemental sulfur.

GSE Retreat Ozone treatment
GSE Retreat  Ozone treatment
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Apart from this, we also offer various equipments and chemicals for water treatment, These includes:


Water treatment plants/systems.

Waste water treatment plants (E.T.P. & S.T.P.).

System Designing and Installation.

Operation and Maintenance.



Raw water treatment.

Cooling water treatment.

RO chemicals.

Poly chemicals.

Activated carbon.